Sunday Service


We meet every Sunday at 10:30 am in our beautiful downtown location at 1105 Main Street. Go here for directions.

As a church that truly desires to incorporate all “three streams” in our worship, our Sunday Services are a good blend of evangelical teaching from the Holy Scriptures and charismatic/contemporary worship all within the liturgical framework of the Book of Common Prayer.

As mentioned elsewhere, we have a large group of talented musicians at Church of the Good Shepherd who consistently lead us in true worship of our LORD; Worship in Spirit & Truth (John 4:23-24).

Our pastor, Tim Brophy, is committed to listening to the Lord for His words to the people. He has spiritual gifts of pastoring & teaching, and is committed to the authority of Scripture and its applicability to everyday life.

Tim recently finished a teaching series on Jesus’ signs & discourses (including His “I am” statements) in the Gospel of John. Here are some of the message titles from that series:

  • “Signs, Sayings & Seasons” (Gospel of John)
  • “Chewing on the Bread of Life and Some of His Sayings” (John 6)
  • “A Light So Bright Even a Blind Man Could See It” (John 8 & 9)
  • “Healed at the Sheep Gate by the Gate for the Sheep” (John 5)
  • “The Shepherd Who’s Also The Gate” (John 10)
  • “Raised by the Resurrection & the Life” (John 11)
  • “Water Turned to Wine by Jesus the True Vine” (John 2 & 15)
Please contact Tim Brophy if you have any questions about our Sunday Worship Services or if you’d like copies of his message notes.